Worse. Job. Ever.

June 20, 2014 1 comment

(says the Comic Book Guy on the Simpsons).  I’m in a great job now but when I feel less than happy with whatever, I think back to my Worse Job Ever and perspective jumps back in line.

Everyone has had them. Horrible bosses. Mean or stupid (or both) co-workers. Difficult patrons/library users/folk walking in the door. I was pleased my niece’s first job was her worse thus far (she has had only 2). She now can measure everything against Crazy Boss and not feel so angry about crumbs on the break room table (seriously people, is it that hard to wipe?).

Some jobs have bad moments. Some have bad weeks. Some have bad everything.

What was mine? Well my measuring stick is more about chairs. Seems in a former work environment we had a person who would, er, soil your chair. And by “soil” I mean like a baby using a diaper. To this day I am not sure if it was deliberate or not. He did not seem to notice nor care as a smelly, messy trail followed him from place to place. There were many other lovely things (this is sarcasm) at this place of employment  – co-workers attempting to drive over other co-workers in the parking lot, hiding spiders in your desk, searching your office and re-arranging things, and much much more!

Today is a brand new day. The sun is shining, the world is rounding,  and my chair is very clean.

Finally, fine print

June 16, 2014 1 comment

Do you read the licensing agreements that come with your purchases? You should. At the very least, you need to look for ‘hot’ spots such as ILL, perpetual access, and any restrictions.

Do you read, review and revise? you win! Best. Story. Ever.

Fly Like an Eagle

June 14, 2014 1 comment

to the sea and to the mountain and to the plains.  I fly. Alot. Most of it is part of The Job but sometimes it is personal and mostly it is all fun.


Having just done a marathon week of flying, jumping plane to plane to plane, I have to say (or type) a few things

1. For more than 10 years we have had to remove shoes to go thru airport security. It was in the news, on TV shows, heck several movies depict this adventure. Why are you surprised?

2. Psst. When they say “we will board in group order staring with Group 1 …” that means Group 4 will not be first to board, please move out of the way so Group 1 can get to the boarding area.

3. Why are you standing in the way as we exit the plane? Surely you realize we have to come off *before* you can come on?

4. Why are you stopping in the middle of the exit when you leave the plane? Could you not step aside to adjust your bag/look at your ticket/scratch your nether region?

5. For more than 10 years we have had to remove everything from pockets before going thru airport security. It was in the news, on TV shows, heck several movies depict this adventure. Why are you surprised?

6. Did you see the box showing the size for carry-ons? I’m pretty sure your full size, fully stuffed, suitcase is not going to fit and your pushing on it will not change that situation. Just give it to the flight attendant and move on to your seat so we can leave.

7. For more than 10 years we have had to remove laptops from cases before going thru airport security. It was in the news, on TV shows, heck several movies depict this adventure. Why are you surprised?

8. Ma’am the baby cannot help screaming during take-off/landing. The poor thing is in pain due to ear pressure. The mom is doing everything she can to help. Stop glaring at the poor woman.

9. For more than 10 years we have not been allowed to carry bottles of water/pop/soda thru airport security. It was in the news, on TV shows, heck several movies depict this adventure. Why are you surprised?

10. Sir, the flight attendant cannot legally seat you in the emergency row after you explained you just had open heart surgery and cannot walk. I understand you want more legroom, I do too but I’d also like a chance at living if something should happen to the plane and I have to use the emergency exit.

11.  Ma’am, if there is no more space for your rightly sized luggage, there is no more space. Your furious rant at the flight attendant does not magically make more room appear. Just give it to the flight attendant and move on to your seat so we can leave.

12. I understand you are trying to get to your seat but could you please watch your backpack? I’m bruised enough from bags hitting me as people go down the aisle.

12. We *all* have to use that bathroom, please wipe it up when you pee on the seat.

What is it that annoys you to distraction during travel?

Fun with Searching!

July 6, 2013 Leave a comment

Ever search random ideas, things or thoughts? Do it then watch the “ads” appear! A friend was over, we wondered if we could make pigs in a blanket without buying canned dough (you can) … now my “ads” all feature recipes, blankets, hot dog brand names, and (my favorite) actual piglets in blankets.


I did a blog a while back about cyber-stalking advertisements and it still amuses me how fun it can be. And now many major telecommunications groups (AT&T, Verizon, etc.) are planning to or are already selling your particular search history to others. Theoretically the “individual identification” is removed. Uh huh. Sure it is. No one could possible track me down … right Target?

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Good wins

June 9, 2013 Leave a comment

Do you follow George Takei on Facebook or Twitter? Who knew Sulu had such a humor? Or that George had such a background? He was one of many in the shameful Japanese Internment camps in the USA during World War II. In fact, the play Allegiance is based on the internment camps (not about George but the he is in it).

A recent post on George’s Facebook was in honor of  Bob Fletcher who was one of the many unsung heroes of the time. He saved some of the farms that were being snatched from the rightful owners during this dark period of USA history.

Another beautiful person is Clara Breed, a San Diego Children’s librarian. I read the very extraordinary collection of letters, Dear Miss Breed, some years ago. Now you can view and read the some of the letters online from the Japanese American National Museum. She worked hard to get books and materials and just plain ol’love and acceptance to the kids in those camps. She also worked to get them out of the camps.

Love trumps hate. There will always be people working to right wrongs, helping those in need, protesting against injustice. And yes, there will be people creating the wrongs, ignoring the needs, and encouraging injustice. But in the end, good does triumph over evil. Always.

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Shhh, habitual reading

June 6, 2013 Leave a comment

Oh Laurel, you always make me think! With Reading Habits of Professionals, you did it again.  I love to see people reading – reading anything at all. Even if I don’t like that author or genre or series, the person is reading. You can’t judge a book by its cover. You can’t judge a reader by the reading.

I do not exactly hide my books or reading materials but…well, they are not in full view to the casual visitor. I’m not ashamed of my reading, I rather like my mysteries and occasional Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I’ve been known to indulge in romance and dip my reading glasses into non-fiction areas too. I just don’t have any bookcases in “public” areas of the abode.

When I fancied I might actually write books, I collected a lovely set of reference materials. My family may have been a bit concerned about the “how to” books on poison, guns, and other disposal methodology. I joyfully recall the look on the face of the clerk at the bookstore as I piled up the Big Stack of Potential Mayhem with big grin and hand full of cash; I often wonder if his call to the FBI was taken seriously.

Keep on reading. Romance. Urban Fantasy. Western. Biography. Cookery. Heavy tomes of desert dry text. Read it. Enjoy it. Flaunt it.


May 30, 2013 3 comments

Do you read Miss Information? I do. I’m okay with okay and I understand how others may not be okay with okay but still, I’m okay.

In a class I taught some years ago I made a mistake. I misspoke. I said something entirely erroneous. Someone in the class spoke up and noted my blunder.  I replied, “Thank you! My bad – I should have said blank and not blunk. Thank you so much for correcting me!”**

In the course evaluations, one of the class took me to task for this action.  Was the person upset that I was wrong? No! The person was upset because I admitted it and, horrors, admitted it using slang! “Never,” I was admonished on the anonymous form, “Never admit you were wrong and do not use slang as both actions show you to be an idiot.”

Oh. My bad.

**I dislike being wrong but I really despise the wrong information being given out. Correct information trumps any embarrassment. Always.

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