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More RDA “debate”

In the last week RDA “debate” has raged across several lists. Check out

  • OCLC List for December 2010, Week 1
  • AutoCat for November 2010, Week 5 and December 2010, Week 1
  • RDA-L for strings on “Protesting RDA”, “Status of US RDA…”, and “US RDA Test and OCLC”

Why the quote marks on “debate”? Because some of this veered into the realm of flame…or so it was accused.  I’m not sure, I’ve seen some flame wars in my time (have been targeted too back in the early days of bulletin boards but that is a digression and very bad memory) and these seem somewhat tame if they are flames. Then again, we as catalogers may be emulating the live “flame wars” of British Parliament’s “Prime Minister Questions” live in front of the House of Commons (anyone else love watching that on C-SPAN? the best of reality TV).

Several people make several good points.  I am not going to address it all, you can read the original posts and make up your own mind. 

I do want to say something to the statement that seems to imply because trainings and sessions on RDA are springing up everywhere, it is indicative of RDA being widely accepted.  Hmm. I’m not so sure, just because you wish to learn about something does not mean you support the concepts.  I have studied many things that I certainly would not want to emulate but knowledge is power, or so it is said. 

Despite list serv posts to the contrary, I am hopeful the USA Testing of RDA will answer our questions and concerns. Meanwhile, I read and watch and hope and dream.

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