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Before we go back to the irregularly scheduled metadata/cataloging stuff (and I have been working on another RDA post, still thinking/debating on it), I have a little Holiday Gift Post for you!!!  Or at least, for those of you lucky enough to be heading to San Diego next month.  I stumbled on the PopTop stage at ALA last summer and so wish I could go again but alas, alack, I shan’t be there. Honestly, I’d have a hard time leaving the exhibit hall on Mystery Day!


PopTop Stage
The PopTop Stage will focus on popular librarian favorites including: Mystery, Romance and New Products for Libraries. The PopTop Stage will feature readings, discussions and presentations. The PopTop Stage will be located in Exhibit Hall H at the 900 aisle in the San Diego Convention.

Saturday January 8 – Mystery Day

10-10:45am Traditional Mysteries: Who are the new Jane Marples? Featuring: Harley Jane Kozak, Hank Phillippi Ryan, Rosemary Harris, Kate Carlisle, Moderated by: Naomi Hirahara

11-11:45am California Girls Featuring: Naomi Hirahara, Jeri Westerson, Dianne Emley , Sue Ann Jaffarian, Moderated by: Hank Phillippi Ryan

12-12:45pm Interview with T. Jefferson Parker, with Naomi Hirahara

1-1:45pm BrownBag Lunchtime Interview with Joanne Fluke, with Rosemary Harris

2-2:45pm – Tough Guys Featuring: T. Jefferson Parker, Ken Kuhlken, Tim Hallinan, Gary Phillips
Moderated by: Kelli Stanley

3-3:45pm Laugh or I’ll Kill You Featuring: Vicki Doudera, Jeri Westerson, Dianne Emley, Rosemary Harris Moderated by: Sue Ann Jaffarian

4-4:45pm S is for Series: Why Readers Love Them Featuring: Kate Carlisle, Tim Hallinan, Vickie Doudera, Sophie Littlefield
Moderated by: Hank Phillippi Ryan

Sunday January 9 – Romance

Stop by the ALA PopTop Stage for a morning of romance fiction! Each session will feature complimentary autographed copies of romance novels by the featured authors, plus other fun giveaways.

9:00–9:45 AM Romantic Suspense: Crossover Appeal Join romantic suspense authors as they discuss the strong women and men who feature in these popular novels, the authors who write them, and the crossover appeal for readers. Featuring: Jill Sorenson, HelenKay Dimon, and Wendy Corsi Staub. Moderated by: Hank Phillipi Ryan

10:00–10:45 AM Romance Heroines Romance authors discuss romance heroines: who they are, their favorites, what they love about them, and what they hate. We might talk about heroes, too! Featuring: Christie Ridgway, Judy Duarte, and Sylvia Day Moderated by: Hank Phillipi Ryan

11:00–11:45 AM Roundtable Chat: What’s Hot and What’s Upcoming in Romance Fiction? From small-town romance series to the ever-growing young-adult romance market, find out what’s trending with the writers and readers of romance fiction. Featuring: Sylvia Day, HelenKay Dimon, Christie Ridgway, Jill Sorenson, and Judy Duarte Moderated by: Hank Phillipi Ryan

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  1. December 21, 2010 at 1:58 pm

    OH, thank you so much. Wonderful! Hope to meet you in person…and we’ll have lots of free books and treats and loot for all! And please let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to discuss. Of course, there’ll be time for Q and A.
    Looking forward to it.
    see you soon…

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