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Sharing is

Sharing is what we do. It is a major part of The Profession – all librarians share, catalogers/metadata specialists are exceptionally good at sharing. I guess those years in kindergarten were not a waste [grin]

Who else read/participated in the recent CILIP CIG Forum? CILIP is Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals and CIG is the Cataloguing and Indexing Group. If you missed their brilliant forum April 18-19, 2011, you can get a summary of the discussion. I urge you to go read it.

Wow. You guys at CILIP/CIG are great! I’ve been in a fair few forums in my life, and of late several to do with RDA. However, this forum impressed me most of all. Why? Sharing. The suggestions and ideas in this forum are lovely, Anne Welsh made quite a bit of sense and stir with her suggestions for training on RDA. I do hope they are brought to fruition. I’ve volunteered to help in any way I can and hope others do as well.

Here are some of the ideas:

1. Let’s ask publishers to provide scans of the information we’d use to catalog materials in RDA. For books, perhaps the cover, title page (and verso), spine, and a bit of information about the book. One cataloger on the list offered to contact her music publisher to get similar for scores.

2. Let’s take those scans and create records based on RDA – putting these records up on a public site with the scans for all to use to help educate. I’m hoping that with involvement internationally, we could perhaps have not just the RDA record but also AACR2, Dublin Core, and all current standards represented to show how each moved to RDA.

3. Let’s do some more training online and more materials available for trainers to utilize in-house.   Seems I recall reading that when AACR went to AACR2, there were bands of trainers roaming the land providing training wherever they went.  With the online capabilities of today, we could eliminate or reduce that need to travel.  There are a plethora of lovely open source options out there for online classrooms (Moodle anyone?). My hope is they do this in little sound bit type sessions – that is, a nice series of 1 to 2 hour sessions that cover a very specific part of RDA. Again, it would be great to have all standards represented and available to grab and listen to the recording as needed. These could be live sessions (always great because of the questions and give/take possible) or just recorded vidcasts. Or both.

The Library of Congress already has many of these things for RDA, including the great AACR2 to RDA examples, but we could expand this!  Barbara Tillett’s absolutely fantastic webcasts are there as are other training sessions but why not add more for other standards, etc.? I mean, actual recorded classes. I’m not asking Library of Congress to do this, I think we should do it, us, the catalogers. I think we  can.

If everyone takes a small part, it becomes doable. It becomes easily sharable. It becomes us.

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