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The internets are dangerous

Dangerously cool! And awesome! And, a little scary sometimes.

Show of hands, how many of you go to MedlinePlus (or your other favorite consumer health site) when you ‘suddenly’ develop a symptom and figure it must be The Start of Something Awful?  Say, perhaps, your feet are a wee bit swollen. Obviously something is wrong. It could not possibly be the 3 hour flight, a week of eating junky food followed by a 10 hour drive home. Certainly you now have Something Serious.

Off you go to look up Edema (psst, that is doctor-ese for ‘swollen feet’). In looking at the list of suspects, it’s obvious. You have kidney disease. Or maybe heart failure. After reviewing all the possibilities you come to the inescapable conclusion. Too much salt.

Hmm. Now to find how to get rid of it. You need a Diuretic. Being a new-age kind of person (and not wanting to pay to see a real doctor, plus the drug side affects look really icky), you head over to that other wealth of information, Goohoo (google/yahoo) to find some natural cures.

The Professional Librarian in you knows that Goohoo results are not always, well, truthful. So, using your ninja like research skills you quickly suss out that Dandelion is a pretty good choice. But … since it is not regulated, it is risky to just pick up any old dandelion pill.

Wait! What’s that? Watermelon and cucumber are natural diuretics? And they are on sale? And you love both?


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