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I have the greatest of intentions. 

I changed jobs a wee bit back and am no longer in daily contact with cataloging. However, cataloging is still close to my heart and I am trying to keep up – along with learning the new job, getting new routines in place, etc.

I read the June 14, 2011 notice on AutoCat about the RDA decision by the National Libraries and I intended to blog about it. I saw the posting of the final report and intended to read it in full. I saw the dust bunnies under the coffee table and intended to vacuum.

I have the greatest of intentions.

However, I have discovered that the plate is overfull. I can either do my best by the new employer and read about my beloved cataloging in my own time OR fail at everything (half-work, half-read, half-dust…ok, I’ll probably still half-dust).

Since Grandpa taught me a job half-done is not well done, this blog will be updated when I can devote the time to doing it right. I will try to post but sporadic will be the best I can do and still function in the rest of my life.

Having said that…

I’m excited by the implied new format, to quote the notice on AutoCat  “…but there are many others that must be dealt with simultaneously. We especially note the need to address the question of the MARC standard, suggested by many of the participants in the RDA test.”  This suggests to me that the limitations of MARC are being seen – indeed I’d think that the limitations would glow neon when trying to catalog with RDA. I still love MARC but it has reached end of life and it is time to rework. Think of a Ford Mustang.  Sure, a 1965 Mustang is a beautiful automobile and, if cared for, could still work quite well.  However, I’d like to have the modern safety features as well as things like MP3 port, cruise control, and yes, air conditioning. Can you retro-fit the 1965 with these features? Sure but it would be awkward and ugly and expensive. I’d rather preserve the ’65 and spend my money on something new that will accommodate my needs of today and the near future.

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