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Speaking of books…

Have you heard of  Book Reviewers?  No, not the ones who write for Publisher’s Weekly or Booklist. Book reviewers who go to community centers or libraries and speak about a book.  It’s sort of a cliff notes version of a book club – that is, a book club that reads books. Remember those?

Apparently this has been around for a while in community centers and some public libraries.  I had never heard of it until I met one, a book reviewer/speaker who runs Novel Chatter. She contracts with various groups to go in and speak about a book. She offers several different books (fiction, non-fiction, etc.) to the group and tries to tailor the talk to the group. She also reviews books on her website.

I want that gig. I do. I could totally do it. Or so I think.  I mean, being a librarian I read all the time (haha, librarians out there – that joke is for you!) and I do love to talk (and this one is for the catalogers) so I would be a natural! Seriously though, I think this could be fun but is likely more work than I am anticipating.  A good reviewer/speaker will relate the book to the time period, other books/movies and do a deeper analysis of the material. This means I’d have to do homework and not just read the book. Hmm. I’d probably have to go seek the speaking gigs too. And be “proactive” in selling it. Hmm. Maybe not for me after all.

What other fantastic jobs are out there just waiting to be discovered? Maybe Mike Rowe  could start a show on fun ways ways people make a living (creating crossword puzzles, taste testing ice cream, and reviewing/speaking of books).

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