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Colleagues, Customers, Complete Strangers –

Have you noticed the Blackhole of Communication? Have you experienced the wonders and delights of non-response? Have you continued in various forms, trying to communicate in all ways possible (email didn’t work, let’s try the phone, phone didn’t work, let’s try a friend/neighbor/adjacent cube…) to finally hear back from the person who

  • was sick/in the bathroom/”unavailable”
  • was in the midst of a family emergency
  • was too busy to response
  • was [insert reason here]

The next time it happens (and it will happen again, perhaps though not with the same individual), do you wait even longer before sending another message or changing your mode of communication? Is one day long enough? Two days? A week?

When you need An Answer to a Very Important Question but that person is non-responsive, what do you do? How many channels or times do you try before you A. Give up, B. Call Someone Else, or C. Feel like stalker?

sigh. Guess I will go alone 😦

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