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Park it where?

I love my job. I love traveling to all sorts of libraries all across the land to provide service and help. It thrills me to be allowed into all these venerable institutions, to listen and learn and perhaps make their lives easier with services.

What I do not always enjoy is the game “find the library” and “find the parking”. Each new-to-me institution is a new adventure which often involves the quickly squashed hope of finding exactly where to go to park.

Some are wonderful. Wait, no, make that a few.  And others, whilst not gentle, are still doable/findable. Some librarians are long versed in the difficulties of ‘outsiders’ finding their homes and have developed lovely maps and …. dare I say it?  LibGuides for Parking. One very memorable librarian even extended the directions to indoors (“turn left at the green couch”). Another took the campus PDF and inserted very helpful notes (seriously thought the “too far” was “too fat” and wondered what that meant).

Most however are exercises in frustration. Hours spend trying to enlarge the type on the campus provided map.  Why, oh why can the library not be listed in the map legend as “library”?  I don’t always know that it is called Jim Bob Book Learnin’ Place and have spend up to 20 minutes trying to find it on the itty bitty PDF (enlarged for my old eyes then many, many, many mouse moves to examine each inch). The ‘interactive’ maps are even worse – they quickly zoom down to the library (when you have the right name) but how do I find it from parking/walking? And can I get a print* to take with me on my trek?

Then there is the adventure of where am I allowed to park? Can I park? Do I need a pass? Where do I get a pass? What documents do I need (insurance, license plate, driver’s license, blood type, DNA sample…)? Does it cost? Can I pay with credit? Do I need cash? Do I need quarters (yes, this has happened)?

Sigh. OK. Back to figuring it all out.

*yes, fine, I am a Luddite who likes the printed map. I like to see the bigger picture. And since the GPS does not lead me to parking on your campus … it is necessary.

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