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When they go low, we go high

Someone quite beautiful said that, and I add “and don’t repeat the lie”.

Ever watch the movie “Good night and Good luck“? It’s a 2005 film based on Edward R Murrow and McCarthyism.

Way back in late 1940s to early 1950s, the USA was battling the Red Menace. The Red Scare. The Reds. Heck, there are plenty of other movies about this as well as books (and here is my library link).  Basically it was the USA versus the Soviet Union (kids, that was what we used to call Russia). See, the Soviet Union was communist and USA was not. More than just ‘not’, the USA was vehemently anti-communist.  So much that fear of the “reds” was everywhere – really, fear of a nuclear war with another super power (Soviet Union).

Amongst that fear rose the junior senator from Wisconsin, Joseph McCarthy. McCarthy built his career on exposing and persecuting alleged communists in the USA. He had “lists” of these people and threatened many.  At first, most folk were quite happy that he was crusading and exposing this threat. As time marched on, many saw this pursuit as a witch hunt. People had to watch what they said, who they said it to, and who they associated with. The threat was real. Many people lost their homes, their jobs and sometimes, their lives.

Along came Edward R. Murrow (and others). He went on to expose this in a very interesting and intelligent way. Instead of attacking McCarthy (a very powerful man), he instead showed it. Instead of saying “he is lying”, he showed the lie. He replayed the previous words of McCarthy that contradicted and countered the current words. He demonstrated by film clip how the junior senator was misleading everyone – he did not repeat the lie, he showed the facts.

So perhaps, if instead of repeating the lies, perhaps it is better to replay the facts. Show the truth. Replay the video clip. Again and again until all have seen. Don’t let the lie over rule the fact.

“When they go low, we go high” and we do not repeat the lie.

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