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I love hearing about how different words came into being. I listen to A Way With Words via their podcasts (an interesting word in of itself). So it is understandable why I would scream at the television each and every time a particular commercial* is aired.

In this commercial, the “good ol’boy” explains that the word “howdy” really means “how’s your momma and all”.

NO NO NO NO NO NO.  That doesn’t even make sense for the shortening of that phrase!!!  You don’t even need a librarian to help you find the real origins (although a librarian can help you find authoritative sources).

Both Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary agree, Howdy comes from a shortening of “How do you do”?   Baylor University has a ‘howdy‘ party to welcome folk. Not to be outdone, Texas A&M University (TAMU) has a Howdy week as well as using the word “Howdy” as official terminology. Oh, and word to the wise: do not say “howdy” to someone at University of Alabama, especially during a football game.

*no, I am not going to post a link or tell you the product. I loathe this commercial and will not be a party to advertising that product.

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