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Vote in the USA, I vote in the USA

October 13, 2016 Leave a comment

Is it overly dramatic to say people died for our rights to vote? It’s true. And it is true for pretty much all of us. All assorted colors and genders. Took hundreds of years for us to all get the right and access to vote.

Voting. It is the time we the people get to select what we want for governing. We choose those who will do the work. We choose who will make the bills. We choose what laws come about. How? We vote.

Is it always pretty? Easy? Nice? Nope. This year is no exception, except maybe a bit more vicious and divisive … or is it just we have access to more of it? Anyone can tweetagram or faceblog long dissertations or brief sound bites on what they think or feel. They can even <gasp> present fiction as fact!

Perhaps you intensely hate the two primary candidates. Well, there are other options. It is true a third party candidate has never won. It is true that this often splits the vote so often the one you most loathed  gets elected. Still, if you feel passionately about that third party candidate and agree with what that candidate says AND believe that candidate has the ability, knowledge and wherewithall to be in office then vote.

If you feel you must select between the two primary candidates but dislike both, then you need to look further. Which one has the potential to get things done that you want done? Which one has the ability to work with others to accomplish goals? Which one has the knowledge of the legalities of office? Which one do you think might be less likely to deploy weapons of mass destruction (unless that is one of your goals in which case please go away now and stop reading my blog)?

I know which candidate I prefer. I know what I think of each of the candidates, including the third party candidates. I know that come early voting, I will be at the polls ready to cast my ballot.

And so should you.

[and yes, this is library related…most libraries get at least some funding from governmental bodies. Votes decide on this, perhaps not direct but certainly who you put in office ultimately makes these decisions. So learn about it and vote on it]

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