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Ta da – still a librarian!

Some time back I posted about being a librarian. These last few weeks I again had such incredible experiences I had to share.

So. I’m on a flight. It is a fairly empty flight. I am enjoying have an entire row to myself. The flight attendant came by and saw my totally awesome Don’t make me use my librarian voice t-shirt. She asked, excited, “are you a librarian?” Why yes, yes I am. She eagerly told me what she was reading then was called away. Soon she was back. She brought me a book review she had carefully cut from the paper (straight cut and including the date/section stamp). I thanked her and we talked about it for a bit then she left. Soon she was back with another review. Then another. Then again. I did not know there were that many reviews in newspapers nowadays. It was totally sweet and unexpected.

Working for a vendor, I never expected “non-library folk” to know my company. However, when checking into a hotel recently the desk clerk saw my company name and exclaimed “I love [company name]! I used them all the time when I was in college!”  That same day, at a restaurant, the server taking my credit card saw my company name and said “OMG! I know this! I use [database] in graduate school all the time!” Awesome.

Finally, I’m at a local grocery store. I get the feeling someone is staring at me. I am not dressed to succeed but to shop…but I don’t look that bad and I did manage to shower. I discretely look about to find a woman near the stacks of apples staring at me. I smile at her. She grins then comes over to say hello. Turns out I was “her” librarian. She was one of the dental students I’d helped with research years ago. She told me she still used the skills I taught her to research and keep up with her profession.  I walked on clouds the rest of the day.

These are the reasons I am in love with my profession.

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